Year 101: Women in Law Lunch Brisbane

In 2019 we celebrated our second Year 101: Women in Law Lunch in Brisbane with more than 200 attendees. It was a great success with some fascinating conversation around what it will take to continue advancing women in the legal industry over the next 100 years.

Our moderator,  Kirstin Ferguson (Non-Executive Director and Chair), and panel of speakers – The Hon. Justice Sarah Derrington (Judge, Federal Court of Australia), Rolf Moses (CEO, Queensland Law Society), Justine Rowe (Legal Services Executive, Telstra) and Kristen Podagiel (Managing Partner, McCullough Robertson) – provided valuable insight on both their personal experience and how they think the legal industry needs to change to achieve true diversity.

From redesigning existing structures and processes to suit a changing workforce, to empowering young female lawyers to continue to be tenacious in their approach, our panel gave us all lots of food for thought and we will be sharing more insight from the conversation in due course.