Helen Driscoll

Without mentioning your job title, how would you describe what it is you do now (whether at home, work, in the community, etc.)?

I am a highly skilled communicator and listener with the responsibility and great privilege of guiding others to achieve their desired outcomes.

What are the first three words you think of when you hear the word ‘diversity’?

Inclusion, culture, depth.

What do you think it will take to develop truly diverse thinking within the legal industry?

A deep appreciation for what everyone can bring to the table, embracing creativity and thinking outside the box. I think many elements of prestige and stuffiness still attach themselves to the legal profession and often with negative connotations. Continual self awareness on part of all practitioners and consciously dropping these and reframing will go a very long way.

What was your main driver to enter the legal industry?

I became a lawyer because I believed it to be the best way to make a tangible difference to people’s lives and advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. I believe law is a helping profession.

Helen is a Solicitor / Vice President at Rose Litigation Lawyers / Queensland Young Lawyers.