Linda Ryle

Without mentioning your job title, how would you describe what it is you do now?

Advocate for and with First Nations Women. I share knowledge and support and network contacts in attempting to level the Justice and Equity and Access Playing field in Queensland and across the country. I work to create opportunities not just optimism. I teach Cultural Humility in Professional Practice and I promote and coach Culturally Principled Practice (in both professional and business- as an employee or an employer/entrepreneur).

What was your main driver to enter the legal industry?

To even the justice and equity playing field, to provide platforms where the voices and perspectives of First Women voices are heard and suitably and authoritatively regarded.

What are the first three words you think of when you hear the word ‘diversity’?

Inclusion, intersectional, authoritative.

What do you think it will take to develop truly diverse thinking within the legal industry?

Self Awareness, humility, willingness to learn from others, generosity of spirit, Culturally Principled Practice (across the Professions and the entire Business and government sectors), and substantial resourcing.

Linda is the Founder, Executive & Managing Director at CALM – Cultural Advocacy & Legal Mediation.