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Associations and Committees

Australian Women Lawyers

Australian Women promotes justice, equity, and women's progress in the legal profession.

Women and Leadership Australia

Women and Leadership Australia specialises in leadership development, championing equity, and supporting the journey towards gender equality.

Women Lawyers Association of Queensland

Women Lawyers Association of Queensland is dedicated to advancing women in the legal profession through advocacy, networking, and mentoring initiatives.

Women Lawyers Association of New South Wales

Women Lawyers Association of New South Wales advocates for the rights and working conditions of women lawyers in New South Wales.

Victorian Women Lawyers

Victorian Women Lawyers supports women lawyers in achieving a fulfilling and successful professional life, aligned with their individual definitions of success.

Women Lawyers of South Australia

Women Lawyers of South Australia are committed to promoting justice, equality, and career opportunities for women in the legal profession.

Women Lawyers Association ACT

Women Lawyers Association ACT supports and promotes the interests of women lawyers in the Australian Capital Territory, fostering community, promoting diversity, and actively engaging in legal reforms.

Women Lawyers of Western Australia

Women Lawyers of Western Australia are dedicated to advancing women's legal rights, promoting equality in the legal profession, eliminating discrimination, and fostering a professional network for women lawyers.

Tasmanian Women Lawyers

Tasmanian Women Lawyers are committed to advancing women across various roles, including judicial officers, professionals, academics, graduates, and students.

Northern Territory Women Lawyers' Association

Northern Territory Women Lawyers' Association empowers women lawyers through networking, charity support, mentorship, social engagement, involvement in law reform, and advocacy for legislative change.

Diverse Women in Law

Diverse Women in Law esupport w stages of their legal studies and career

Women Barristers Forum

The Women Barristers Forum promotes and supports women within the New South Wales Bar Association.


Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards

This prestigious national award is for women to showcase their accomplishments, attract clients, and advance their careers while receiving well-deserved recognition.

Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Awards

Annual awards highlighting the contributions and successes of exceptional women in the legal sector, acknowledging their achievements despite traditional industry challenges.

Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Annual Awards

This award recognises women in Queensland actively engaged in the legal profession, emphasizing professional excellence, integrity, and contributions to the advancement of women in the field.

Women Lawyers Association of NSW Achievement Awards

Celebrating outstanding women lawyers, mentors, and firms for their excellence in legal practice and significant contributions to advancing opportunities for women in the law.

Australian Women Lawyers Award

Recognises women who have provided long term leadership and commitment in the support and advancement of women in the legal profession.

Australasian Lawyer Elite Women

A distinguished group of trailblazing legal leaders acknowledged for their profound and meaningful impact on the field of law and their specific areas of expertise.

Women Lawyers Association ACT Annual Awards

Recognises Canberra's female lawyers who exemplify excellence, advocacy, skill or altruism in the legal industry.

Women Lawyers of South Australia, Honourable Dr Robyn Layton AO QC Award

Honours a practising female lawyer in South Australia, in recognition of their outstanding efforts in the law.

Tasmanian Women Lawyers Annual Awards

Acknowledges female lawyers who have demonstrated outstanding contribution or achievement to the practice, development or education of law, social justice, volunteering or charity.

Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Una Prentice Award

Recognising the achievements of the highest achieving graduating female law student from each Law School in Queensland

Women Lawyers of Western Australia Annual Awards

Celebrating Western Australian women in law who have made an outstanding contribution to the legal profession.

IBA Outstanding International Woman Lawyer Award

Honouring a female lawyer for her exceptional contributions to the legal profession and her global impact.

Mentorship Programs

Women Lawyers Association of New South Wales Mentoring

A program designed for women who have been admitted for 10 to 15 years, offering return to work workshops and networking opportunities for practitioners.

Law Society of New South Wales Mentoring

Open to all those wishing to share their knowledge, skills and experience to help one another develop and grow, from students seeking advice on how to begin their career right through to those nearing the end of their practice.

Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Ladder Mentoring

A program matching law students and early career lawyers with more experienced women in the profession who can encourage, assist and empower young women to take advantage of opportunities in the law.

Contribute to the rich tapestry of women in Australian law

This campaign is not just a reflection of the past; it's an invitation to join the celebration of women in law. We invite you to nominate other women within the legal industry to share their stories, anecdotes, and tributes. Together, let's honour their legacy and inspire future generations.

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