An unfinished journey and the ongoing pursuit for change

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From pioneering paths to ongoing transformation

The year 2018 marked a momentous milestone for the Australian legal industry – a century of women practising law in the majority of Australian states. A century of pioneering women paving the way and redefining history with every case, every client, every triumph, and every step forward. The milestone reached in 2018 is not a mere celebration of time; but a testament to the legacy created by the determination and passion of women in the legal industry.

Yet, there is more to do.

Despite significant strides being made, there is more to be done to achieve true equality in the legal profession. And this calls for a collective commitment to breaking down barriers, challenging norms, and reshaping the legal landscape into one that fully realises the potential of every woman.


of leaders (principals/partners) in Australian law firms were female, as opposed to 54% male as of 2022, as reported by the NSW Law Society.


of women lawyers were admitted for 15 years or more, opposed to 51% for men, as reported by the NSW Law Society.


reduction in women's earnings was observed, on average, inthe first five years of parenthood as opposed to no change for men, as reportedby the March 2023 Treasury paper Children and the Gender Earnings Gap.

Year 101 is committed to utilising the rich history of the last 100 years as a catalyst to inspire women for the next century to come.

Year 101: Women in Law
Mission Statement

Championing change through
Year 101: Women in Law

Year 101: Women in Law is dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the legal field. This initiative was established in 2019 to mark the 101st year of women practising law in Australia. While a nod to the past, it is more than a mere historical acknowledgment. Year 101 was created with dedication by McCullough Robertson Lawyers to celebrate the lasting impact of women in the legal field and empower Australia’s female lawyers.

To champion change, Year 101 proudly recognises, amplifies, and praises the significant contributions of outstanding female lawyers through our #CelebratingWomenInLaw campaign. This digital initiative shines a spotlight on the narratives of women who have indelibly shaped the legal landscape. Our commitment is to cultivate a legal industry that champions diversity and equality.

Amplifying voices

Year 101 shares the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of female lawyers through #celebratingwomeninlaw, amplifying the voices of trailblazers who have made a significant impact on the legal profession.

Inspiring futures

Year 101 provides a collaborative platform and resource hub to support and inspire future generations of female lawyers, fostering continuous change in the legal industry.

Supporting communities

Year 101 supports the Women Lawyers Association of Queensland by sponsoring their annual Woman in Excellence Award, celebrating the profound influence of women in law.

The women defining excellence for the next century

At the heart of Year 101's mission is our #CelebratingWomenInLaw campaign, an online movement highlighting the stories of women who have left their mark on the legal profession. Explore stories of mentorship, leadership, and the ongoing commitment to foster a more inclusive legal community below, and don't forget to keep up to date with us on LinkedIn and use the hashtag #celebratingwomeninlaw.

Tanya Straguszi

Principal Lawyer

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

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Catriona McGregor

Chief Legal & Transformation Officer

Domain Group

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Jessica Bland


McCullough Robertson Lawyers

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Archana Acharya

Chief General Counsel

Gallagher Bassett

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Jana Pennington

Senior Associate

Maurice Blackburn

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Gina de la Cruz



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Contribute to the rich tapestry of women in Australian law

This campaign is not just a reflection of the past; it's an invitation to join the celebration of women in law. We invite you to nominate other women within the legal industry to share their stories, anecdotes, and tributes. Together, let's honour their legacy and inspire future generations.

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