In 2018 we reached 100 years of women practising law across the majority of Australian states.  While the legal industry has seen significant change and movement during this time, there are still opportunities to innovate and challenge traditional thinking.

In recognition of this, McCullough Robertson established Year 101: Women in Law.

Year 101: Women in Law is a forward-focused conversation exploring the challenges, opportunities and vision for the next 100 years, and what it will take to continue progressing women within the law.


Source: Law Society, 2021

Source: Law Society, 2021

Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc (WLAQ) is an organisation dedicated to women who are jurists, practising professionals, legal academics, legal graduates and students of law.

WLAQ celebrates the outstanding women practitioners who have made a significant contribution to Queensland’s legal profession.

The partnership between Year 101: Women in Law and the WLAQ Awards was established to further celebrate and profile the impact and influence of women in the legal profession.