Claudia Cameron

Without mentioning your job title, how would you describe what it is you do now?

I think of myself as a leader: a leader who prompts and encourages quality discussions and robust debate. Ultimately, I enable people to make informed decisions.

What was your main driver to enter the legal industry?

I had a dear friend in high school who said that she had never met anyone that liked to debate an issue as much as I did! She encouraged me to apply for law and the rest is history. I am eternally grateful for that suggestion.

What are the first three words you think of when you hear the word ‘diversity’?

Power of difference.

What do you think it will take to develop truly diverse thinking within the legal industry?

Conscious decisions. Seek out people who are different to you. Engage all of the talent in your team. Engage them even though they didn’t go to the same school as you did, look like you, act like you or support the same sporting team as you do. Engage them precisely because they aren’t like you.

Claudia is General Counsel (Acting) at CS Energy.